Pyros Pentacorn

Pitch Black Five-horned Exorcist



Pyros Pentacorn “The Flame”
Just imagine the picture to be of a guy who is pitch black, don’t know how to make the skin dark black. I’m not the best artist, adding the 3 extra horns took me long enough. It’s far from well done, but might help your imagination :)

Class: Wizard (Arcanist)
Race: Tiefling
Theme: Infernal Prince

I know… another wizard? But he’s really no controller, just deals damage, helps end fights more quickly.


Pitch black tiefling with 5 horns, 5’ tall, long, ominous black hair, black eyes without pupil, usually dresses in black exorcist’s robes (because style and because you can’t see all the soot that tends to cross his way) A lot of his equipment seems to be singed from multiple occasions.
In battle you can expect him to bombard enemies with fire, that keeps changing its color, depending on the amount of magical strength he puts into it (normal red fire for at-wills, white hot for encounter powers and blue to purple for dailies)

-in a word: crusader
-fighting evil is an act of good in his mind
-sees it as his mission to help people who have suffered from devils/demons and cultists
-wants to punish evil
-trying to walk the line of irony, being an exorcist on the one hand, but being kinda devil-ish himself on the other hand
-superstitious about the number 5, as a lot in his life seems to revolve around it
In private among friends he honestly speaks his mind, but when amongst strangers he will speak carefully, and not always the truth, depending on the situation.
He fears water above all, says the arcane energy interferes with is own, being opposite fire and all. That may be true, but foremost he just can’t swim.


Pentacorn’s 5 stages of life up to now:

- 1 -

years 0-5
-born in some minor city in Akanûl
-Son of a human (father) and a tiefling (mother)
-Child is absolutely black, that fact is viewed as an evil omen
-Father wants to get rid of the child, sells it to a cult-ish circle of wizards
-the wizards conduct experiments on him, they want to recreate some major demon/devil, he is supposed to be the raw material for this, but the ritual fails in the end
-unbeknownst to Pentacorn, a pact with his blood has been made with an infernal being (Multiclass Warlock, Infernal Pact)
-the experiments leave him scarred/charred and partially reformed, he has 5 horns, eye colors change (usually black as the rest of him, golden at a moment each at sunrise and sunset, fiery red when he is VERY angry, and only if he’s VERY angry, which might happen… )
-They called him “the object”, but since he had five horns, he called himself Pentacorn
-he hates discrimination, people who think they are something better, people who use their prosperity and power to inflict suffering on others.
-wizards of the cult are cruel, uncaring, racist, but enjoy high reputation outwardly, Pentacorn learns that reputation doesn’t have to mean anything

- 2 -

years 5-10
-At the age of five, one old wizard by the name of Gantacor takes pity/mercy and smuggles the kid out of the laboratory, at the risk of his own life
-for 5 years they are on the run from the cult fanatics, travel over the lands of Akanûl
-Pentacorn gets used to travel with a companion/companions, to have no home.
-also learns rudimentary basics of arcane wizardry
-Gantacor is like a father for him, having no home means to Pentacorn to be free, and he feels saver when not staying at one place for too long.
-To keep a low profile they can’t be seen in any fights, because the trademark spells of Gantacor would give them away, they have to rely on working things out by talking themselves out of situatons (gets training in Bluff and Diplomacy)

- 3 -

years 10-15
At the age of 10 they are found by the cult and Gantacor has to give young Pentacorn into the care of a friend called Ignizorn, to save the kid’s life.
-It is decided to call him Pyros, to keep his incognito
-Ignizorn is a wizard who lives and works on a pirate ship
-P. becomes a member of pirates on the Moonsea, scrubbing decks at first, but later destroying victim ships’ sails with his fire so they couldn’t flee
-Ignizorn and Pyros become close friends
-Pyros shows unusual magic talent when he assists Ignizorn with rituals.
-Pyros learns deeper knowledge of wizardry from his new mentor, decides he wants to become a wizard himself one day (gets training in Arcana)
-despite magic and wizardry being to some degree the cause of his suffering in younger ages, he thinks of magic as a tool, and puts the people at fault who used this tool to evil ends
-the captain of the pirates, a sturdy human called Zweibart is brutal and cunning, but also a man of honor and keeps his word, once given.
-Pyros learns what it means to trust in a team and feels no regret robbing rich people so he and his friends can survive.

- 4 -

years 15-20
At the age of 15, the pirates are betrayed and mostly killed, but one exorcist/cleric of Ioun captures Pyros, because he wants to exorcise him.
-The cleric deals with the inner evil of Pentacorn and teaches him self control and patience
-the next 5 years Pyros leans a lot about tolerance, accepting strange peoples and races, he finds a tiny bit of inner peace (also gets training in Religion)
-the cleric (dwarf) never told him his name, because for some vow he made.
-Pyros knows that he will have to eventually leave the cleric, as he has become old and tired.
-Pyros grows into understanding that his mission will be to do good in the world, to punish evil and hunt down devils/demons as an exorcist himself
-he plans to do that, but has to prepare first

- 5 -

years 20-25
From the age of 20 Pyros studies magic for 5 years.
-specialized in fire spells that come “naturally” to him
-He also begins to show interest in the cult that has driven him around the world, but finds no clues
-Searches in history books as a hobby, while studying magic, to find out anything about that cult, but has no luck, as he never learned what the cult was called. (gets training in History)
After 5 years of study he feels ready for the world
-His journey begins in which he will find his destiny… or will his destiny find him first?

- – - ITEM WISHLIST – - -
Preferred items are marked bold the others are cool, too, though.

- – - Head – - -
Lvl 27 Firebird
Lvl 21 Ioun Stone of Intellect

- – - Arms – - -
Lvl 23 Executioner’s Bracers

- – - Hands – - -
Lvl 14/24 Gauntlets of Blood (upgrade)
Lvl 20 Many-Fingered Gloves

- – - Waist – - -
Lvl 19 Belt of Breaching [from Eldritch Panoply Set]

- – - Feet – - -
Lvl 16 Eladrin Boots

- – - Ring1 – - -
Have what I need…

- – - Ring2 – - -
Have what I need…

- – - Ring3/4 – - – (if I can get Many-Fingered Gloves or/and a Mummified Hand)
Lvl 26 Kartan’s Void Ring
Lvl 28 Ring of Windows

- – - Tattoo – - -
Lvl 23 Demonskin Tattoo

- – - Weapon – - -
Lvl 22/27 ASHEN Rod of the Bloodthorn +5/6

- – - Armor – - -
have what I need… upgrade maybe…

- – - Neck – - -
Lvl 29 Far-Step Amulet +6
Lvl 17/22/27 Eldritch Medallion +4/5/6 [from Eldritch Panoply Set]
Lvl 15/20/25 GREATER Necklace of Fireballs +3/4/5

- – - Item Sets – - -
Lvl 12 Stone of Flame (ONLY if everyone gets a Stone of […] of the set)

- – - Wondrous – - -
Lvl 27 Mummified Hand
Lvl 18 Fire Horn
Lvl 25 *Dust of Banishment *
Lvl 12 Keoghtom’s Ointment
Lvl 16 Battle Standard of the Fiery Legion
Lvl 16 Elemental Prism

- – - Alternative Rewards – - -
Lvl 13/18/23/28 Pelor’s Sun Blessing (upgrade)
Lvl 13/18/23/28 Ioun’s Revelation (upgrade)
Lvl 14/24 Crimson Determination (upgrade)
Lvl 14/24 Blessing of Blazing Fangs (upgrade)
Lvl 8/18/28 Empathic Mind
Lvl 13 Davros Elden’s Aerial Step
Lvl 22 Quickening Waters

- – - Rituals – - -
…to be done…

Pyros Pentacorn

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