‘Susan’, Level 11
Elder Netheril, Hybrid Paladin/Warlock

Human Power Selection: Bonus At-Will Power.
Theme: Vile Scholar
Paragon Path: Planeshifter

Ability Scores:
STR 19; CON 21; DEX 19; INT 19; WIS 19; CHA 21.

(under construction from this point forward)

AC:28 , FORT: 26, REF: 28, WILL: 27
Hit Points 84: , Surges: 13, Value: 21

Speed: 5, Save: +1, Initiative: +9

Trained Skills (assuming armor check penalty):
Arcana: +16; Endurance: +11; History: +16; Insight: +14; Religion: +14
Untrained Skills (assuming armor check penalty):
Acrobatics: +5; Athletics: +5; Bluff: +10; Diplomacy: +10; Dungeoneering: +9; Heal: +11; Intimidate: +14; Nature: +9; Perception: +9; Stealth: +5; Streetwise: +10; Thievery: +5.

At Will
Eldritch Strike
Eldritch Blast
Enfeebling Strike
Divine Challenge
Divine Sanction
Warlock’s Curse

Valorous Smite
Your Delicious Weakness
Astral Thunder

Decree of Khirad
Hallowed Circle
Shroud of Black Steel
Curse of the Black Forest
Transcendant Dance

Devoted Paladin
Devout Protector Expertise
Improved Defenses
Mighty Challenge
Virtuous Recovery

Weapon: Githyanki Silver Longsword (3)
Armor: Verve Layered Plate Armor (
Shield: Heavy Shield

Head: Goggles of Aura Sight
Neck: Necklace of Keys
Arms: Iron Armbands of Power (Heroic)
Hands: Gloves of Eldritch Admixture
Feet: Floor Fighter Straps



Standing an even six feet tall, this perfectly formed creature has ebon hair that falls to the mid of her back, with piercing emerald eyes that seem to note everything around her. Her skin is a perfect bronze color, and her stance exudes confidence and charisma. You get the feeling from her haughty gaze that she is always obeyed without question and rarely is shaken.


Spellsoul Blade (Dragon Magazine 414) Preferably Fire, Cold and Radiant
Spectral, Specter plate/Warplate, Armor
Iron Armbands of Power (paragon level)
Planestrider Boots
Gloves of Eldritch Admixture (paragon level)
Helm of Swift Punishment (paragon level)
Medallion of the Mind
Belt of Giant Strength (paragon level)

(but also…anything the GM wants to suggest. I just like cool stuff.)


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