Quinn Winterborn

Wizard Controller


Tall and broad shouldered, but more thoughtful than brawny. Sandy brown hair and brown eyes, and a dark complection. Calloused hands show a life spent working with his hands.


- Raised on a farm in Chessenta, south of Mordulkin ruins area.
- Family: 5 brothers, all of whom are are warrior/valor/combat minded. (2 sisters, too, the older of which was as bloody-minded as the brothers.)

Sibling names, etc:
Oldest to youngest:
- Xavier – barely know the guy
- Beqy – deceased – worked as a mercenary
- Zac – my fondest memory growing up is of kicking this guy’s ass. Nice guy, though. Tought me to fight with fist and staff
- Fareem – jackass… Also likely to inherit the family farm
- Quinn – black sheep
- Zarya – dreams of martial glory

- Met an elderly woman who taught me magic.
- My mentor died, leaving me knowing just enough about wizarding/magic to get myself into trouble.
- My family are built around order, law, tradition and good. My natural penchant for enthusiasm and curiosity, especially for magic once I found my calling, are at odds, perhaps, with the regional disdain for magic.
- I could not wait to get out of Chessenta, and explore lands where I can practice and discover magic more openly.

How I got to Ashabenford:
I fell in with smugglers, sorry honest merchants, who visited the old harbor at Mordulkin for reasons of their own. I signed on to work as a deckhand for them, committing to sail to Suzail. From there, I pondered whether to travel west or north in search of magical wonders, but a conversation with a drunken gambler in a waterfront inn (to whom I lost at a game of chance, how unfortunate!) led me to decide to travel north to try to see the wonders of Myth Drannor.
I’ve worked my way north, working as a caravan guard. Work has been easy to come by, partially as a result of my youth and size, and partially because I don’t know the going rate for work. Having reached Ashabenford, I find myself again low on money, and forced to look for more work.

Personality: Obsessed with magic. Full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Rural and lacking in streetwise, it would be easy to assume that Quinn is slow. But beneath the youthful exuberance and country bumpkin demeanor lies a clever and attentive mind.

Quinn Winterborn

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